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About Me (and us)

Who is The Opal Turtle

Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved to read and write stories and to play school and store. She would spend hours walking outside on the farm, through the woods, talking to imaginary friends, making up stories about the things that lived in the woods. As is the way of little girls, she grew up. But she still loves to read and she hopes to find her writing sometime soon. It got slightly lost in the midst of raising children, going back to school, and working. She also teaches now, but not in the way you might think. Instead of going to school to be a teacher, she went on to become a speech-language pathologist who now helps older people in a home health setting. It is teaching just of a different kind. She recently got certified to teach Zumba and is excited and terrified at the same time to start teaching classes (after a lot of practice and memorization!) And as for playing store - she still loves to play store and has a wonderful Lilla Rose business that makes her giddy with tagging and displaying inventory, mailing off orders, keeping track of what’s in stock and sales. 


The girl did leave the farm she grew up on, but the farm never left her. She and her daughter have a lovely little chicken flock. She also has a husband and a son and between the four of them they have goodness knows how many chickens, three dogs, three cats, and a bearded dragon. The animals are all extremely spoiled - even the chickens who frequently follow the humans around the yard en masse hoping for extra treats. 


It’s a wonderful life, but it’s a life not without its struggles. The girl has battled anxiety and depression for most of her life. Her marriage is not perfect, whose is, after all? Her daughter deals with the same social struggles she did in school and her son has been fighting an illness for over two years now. These things will, most likely, make an appearance here on this blog as the girl rambles about whatever is on her heart at the time. This is a blog of life and learning and the continuing once upon a time of that little girl who never quite finished growing up. 

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