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Life as a wife, mom, SLP, Lilla Rose stylist, natural health learner, audiobook producer, &

crazy chicken lady 


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I love Lila Rose hair accessories! I’ve been using them as I’ve transitioned my hair from short to medium length, and from straight to curly. I’ve favored different accessories through the process and all have been wonderful. The flexis are awesome for a no-slip hold- I’ve used them on my thick, coarse hair and my daughter’s thick, fine hair and they’ve stayed in place on both. The headbands are fantastic and don’t squeeze your head. Currently as my hair is growing long and curly I’ve been using the bobbies to pin back any unruly curls that aren’t behaving. They are comfortable and stay in place all day- to the point where I’ve forgotten to take them out at bedtime! Plus I love the designs on everything- there’s really something for every taste!

Amber - Tennessee

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